About Us

Brent Bridges (7/4/1986-7/11/2015) was a firefighter taken too early in a battle with colorectal cancer. He was one of a rare breed who turn and run to trouble when it happens. His passion was protecting property and saving lives. Brent stories, both serious and humorous, are numerous around the fire departments in the Bulverde Spring Branch, Blanco, and Canyon Lake region. If you were in an automobile accident on US 281 North between SH 46 and  FM 306 from 2010-2014, there is a 30% chance that Brent is the one who pulled you out of the vehicle.

The Brent Lewis Bridges Foundation was formed to fill the big boots that Brent left behind – saving lives by making sure those in the brotherhood are challenged and follow through with getting screened, assisting those who need financial help in doing so. If you are a firefighter or a family member of a firefighter and need help with an annual physical, apply for a 525 Challenge Grant

Brent’s Jeep, we call the Rescue Wrangler has a cosmetic makeover and is being shown at events to promote screening and detection. Work continues on mechanical, and sponsors can assist with that effort. Meanwhile, we continue to roll that Rescue Wrangler out there, getting the word out about the 525 Challenge. We are Bridging Gaps in Cancer Detection, Education, and Nutrition Use our Give page to discover ways you can help to bridge the gaps.