The single greatest gap in cancer care is nutrition. The path to an MD largely ignores nutrition, makes nutrition courses optional, though nutrition is literally the fuel that makes cancer treatments possible. Our concern is #fuelforthefight – learning how a cancer patient can make sure they have the nutrients that fuel the rebuild of healthy cells.

The primary focus for years 1-3 of the Foundation is to build infrastructure and raise funds to expand the education and detection messages. Years 4-5 will expand the nutrition resources in some exciting ways.

The Foundation will provide resources to bridge gaps in nutrition related to cancer care.

Planned Categories of nutrition activity:
#525Nutrition education and resources for reasonable nutrition that is not fad based
• Grant to nutrition research for cancer patients
• Scholarship to Nutrition Science Majors
• Campaign to add a significant Nutrition element to Medical degrees
• Awards to undergrads with research in nutrition for cancer patients
• Campaign to influence cancer treatment centers to have a full-time nutrition counseling