Volunteer Opportunities

There are four ways to volunteer with Brent Lewis Bridges Foundation.
1. Share us on your social media account. Help tell people about cancer detection, education, and nutrition by following us on Facebook (@BLBFoundation) and sharing things that interest you. If you wear a Foundation T, take a selfie and share, don’t forget to tag us. If you attend an event, take plenty of selfies and share. Finally – when you take the 525 Challenge and see your doc for an annual physical, make a big deal about it on social media – do the selfie routine at the doctor’s office, make sure to tag it #525Challenge. For BONUS POINTS and a free T-shirt – in the exam room – When you are waiting on the doc, blow up a latex glove balloon and include it in the selfie – Brent LOVED to do that, from the time he was a little guy. Tag us with that one and we will reach out to get your shirt size and get one in the mail. (Just in case we miss it, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know!)

2. Help raise funds on social media. When your birthday rolls around, you can raise funds through Facebook by selecting Brent Lewis Bridges Foundation as your recipient. When you shop on Amazon, choose Amazon Smile and select Brent Lewis Bridges Foundation as your charity.

3. Host a fundraiser. If your organization or department wants to host a fundraising event with the 100% of the proceeds going to support cancer detection, education, and nutrition, then contact us with your plan. The Board will consider the plan and if approved, will collaborate with you to help facilitate the event. Email Brent Lewis Bridges Foundation

3. Get on the list to assist. You can help out at events the Foundation is hosting in so many ways. Get on the list by filling out this handy form, then when planning starts, we will get in touch and let you know the types of tasks, schedule, and expectations. You can take it from there and have a great time with some fun people pulling off an event that helps save lives in the Brent tradition. As always, we protect your personal information and do not share your contact info with any other organization.