Why Brent’s Full Name?

Well, since you asked, when Brent was a little fellow, we started him on the path to being a man. We taught him at an early age to look people in the eye, greet them with an outstretched hand, and a firm handshake. Of course, being Brent, the first time he got to deliver out in public he added his full name, looking up at a grown man with confidence saying, “I’m Brent Lewis Bridges” with a serious, unblinking stare. As he grew, he added on that infectious smile. Then, mimicking his grandfathers, he began to use the preacher greeting and grab everyone by the arm or the shoulder when he said hello. Next thing you know it was the bro-handshake-hug.

That was Brent, never met a stranger, greeted everyone like a best friend, made all feel his warmth, acceptance, and love. When we were deciding on a name for the foundation, we thought it fitting to use his full name. There was only one Brent Lewis Bridges. Speaking of the path to being a man…that is another story for another day, but you will be tickled to hear it.