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  • What is with the Jeep?

    Brent’s first car was a 1994 Jeep Wrangler, abused as Jeeps should be, and passed on with love and and exchange of cash from the two previous owners who were close friends. The Jeep carried Brent through mud and water, over rocks and roads. Along the way, we discovered that it simply would not die, […]

  • Our Story

    I am Barry Bridges. Our family has been directly touched by colon cancer twice – first my wife Londa in 2006 at age 48, then our son Brent in 2014 at age 28. Our cancer journey began on Spring Break in 2006. Londa had a pain in her side for the second time in as […]

  • How to do Illness

    A friend going through a sudden and devastating illness with their spouse asked me what advice I would give on how to do illness. Their reason was simple, they wanted to survive, and they knew I had been through colon cancer with Londa in 2006, and with Brent in 2015. Two very different journeys and […]

  • Why Brent’s Full Name?

    Well, since you asked, when Brent was a little fellow, we started him on the path to being a man. We taught him at an early age to look people in the eye, greet them with an outstretched hand, and a firm handshake. Of course, being Brent, the first time he got to deliver out […]

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